Buss' ah Dance
What we will do

To Buss' a Dance requires that you also Buss a sweat. This is not a show and tell. This is a participative and interactive experience in which you learn by doing; dancing up a storm to the rhythmic beat with your new Jamaican friends who are all too happy to help you on your journey.

The experience is designed to provide persons on tour with knowledge of Jamaica’s rich culture, music and dance. It provides them with an insight to the different genres of music, and the dance associated with each.

Reggae and its different genres spawned various dance moves some of which have gone beyond local shores.  The better known ones include: The Ska, Rocksteady, Dancehall, Bogle, Worl’ Dance, LOL and Afrobeat. Jamaicans look “super-cool” going through the dance moves.  Now, the world can learn.

This experience allows guests to be participative and interactive, as they learn to move their bodies to the sound of our island music. They are taught different routines, where they are allowed to add their own creative steps;…..learning while having fun. They are also briefed on the history of Trench Town and the development of the music.

Where we will go

The JaMin studio and auditorium provide the right ambiance and what Jamaicans call vibe. Here you will feel relaxed and comfortable. As Bob Marley says in one of his songs, you will experience a "mystic flowing through the air" and like a well tuned instrument, your body will respond almost naturally.

Cost: $40

Duration: The allotted time for the Buss' ah Dance Experience is 2 ½ hours