Get Lost
What we will do

Get Lost is different than traditional packaged tours. You get to choose what you will do to create a personalized experience. There are a variety of activities reflective of the Jamaican culture; the things that make Jamaica a unique place, and Jamaicans a unique people. These are put together in a menu from which you will make your choice.

Where we will go

There are a variety of places one can go to discover the real Jamaica. There are Jamaican theaters, playhouses, dancehalls, museums and galleries. There are churches, mineral baths, caves, bird sanctuaries, historical sites, parks and botanical gardens. There are Jamaican institutions like universities, libraries and the house of parliament. There are places you can go to observe Jamaican floral (plant life) and fauna (wildlife). There are places one goes to eat and imbibe; restaurants, food festivals, cookouts, sports bars, bars and pubs. There are places you go for entertainment; movie theaters, soca parties, reggae shows, carnival, night clubs and street dances. There are places that you go to relax including beaches, rivers and picnic areas. There are also places you go to watch the sunset, to look at the night sky, the landscape and the unspoiled environment. Jamaica's 10,991 km² are full of places that you can go to discover the true essence of what makes this one of the world's most sought after destinations.

Cost: $50 and up

Duration: up to you